A Guide to Celebrating Oktoberfest in Chicago

A Guide to Celebrating Oktoberfest in Chicago   Bethany Rae, September 26, 2019   Anyone who’s seen Ferris Bueller’s Day Off knows Chicagoans  aren’t too shy to rock a good lederhosen; But if you happened to miss the Von Steuben German Day parade (featured in the iconic 1986 film), we’re here to tell you how … Read More

bag lunch

How To Turn A Bag Lunch Into A BRAG Lunch

How To Turn A Bag Lunch Into A  B R A G  Lunch 5 Recipes To Meal Plan Your Week   Bethany Rae, September 12, 2019   Labor Day has come and gone and lunches have already lost their luster. We get it. And we’re here to help. Whether it’s what to put in your kiddo’s … Read More


Top Five 2019 Fall Food Trends

Top Five 2019 Fall Food Trends   Bethany Rae, August 27, 2019   We have some sad news…Summer is coming to a close. But we also have some great news…Fall is on the horizon! And with Autumn around the bend, 2019’s Food Trends are full steam ahead. So put down the pumpkin spice and let’s … Read More

Five Tips for Hosting a Successful Lunch and Learn [Updated July 2019]

Five Tips for Hosting a Successful Lunch & Learn [Updated July 2019]   Bethany Rae, July 25, 2019 A well-executed Lunch and Learn can be the perfect opportunity to introduce yourself to a new office, unveil an upcoming product, even make a crucial sale. While a majority of modern marketing strategies are left to die … Read More



4 Recipes to elevate Your next BBQ + a Little History About Barbecue’s ROOTS   Bethany Rae, July 9, 2019 It’s July and few things scream “omg summer!” quite like the backyard barbecue. While the modern BBQ has become the traditional celebration for all things American…the truth is, its roots are as varied as a … Read More

Pig Out with Northern Fork

Pig Out With Northern fork how nf does a pig roast better than the other guys   Bethany Rae, June 11, 2019 Summer is around the corner and you’re ready to celebrate. Maybe it’s a graduation or a wedding or one of those warm weather holidays…or maybe you’re just celebrating stuffing your jacket into the … Read More

Top 5 Rooftops in Chicago

Top 5 rooftops in chicago your guide to chicago’s best rooftop venues   Bethany Rae, May 21, 2019 So it’s time to take your next party up a level…to the top floor, to be exact. Let the event experts at Northern Fork be your guide to Chicago’s Best Rooftop Venues. We promise to help your … Read More

Spring Into Your Local Farmer’s Market

what’s in season? your weekly guide to chicago’s best farmer’s markets     Bethany Rae, April 16, 2019   Preparing food with seasonal mindfulness is more than just trendy practice. Choosing produce that is “in season” means choosing ingredients that are going to contribute their truest flavor and maximum nutritional benefits. Fruits and vegetables that … Read More

Spring Cocktails

Spring cocktails celebrate the season with nf’s top 5 cocktails!     Bethany Rae, April 2, 2019 We have transitioned into a new season and Chicagoans could not be more pleased. Listen closely and one can hear the collective *clink* of glassware brimming with glittering elixirs raised in celebration. That’s right, it’s time for Spring … Read More

St. Patrick’s Day – How to Celebrate the Perfect Chicago Holiday

St. patrick’s day how to celebrate the perfect chicago holiday     Bethany Rae, March 12, 2019 St. Patrick’s Day is the perfect Chicago holiday, as it gives the city an excuse to do the two things it loves best: carrying on tradition and throwing a great party. And while Northern Fork is pleased to … Read More