Pig Out with Northern Fork

Pig Out With Northern fork

how nf does a pig roast better than the other guys


Bethany Rae, June 11, 2019

Summer is around the corner and you’re ready to celebrate. Maybe it’s a graduation or a wedding or one of those warm weather holidays…or maybe you’re just celebrating stuffing your jacket into the unreachable area of your back closet. No matter the reason, Northern Fork is here to make your soiree distinctive; And we’re hard-pressed to think of a better summertime roll-out than our extraordinary pig roast. Think of it as the elevated cousin of the backyard barbecue, our pig roasts marry the fun and ease of a casual party with the visual impressiveness of an elegant event. They’re more than a buffet, they’re an experience.

When it comes to our pig roasts, there’s a lot to talk about. NF likes to start with a traditional southern style mojo roasted pig. If you’re not familiar, mojo is a type of sauce that originated in the Canary Islands. As people and their flavors migrated, this delicious form of seasoning spread to various islands and eventually the southern United States. Soon, these new areas were making their own additions, often including citrus. Mississippi born Executive Chef Katie Boyd has no fear of flavor, and injects her pigs with a gallon of garlic-lime mojo and then massages them with a rich chocolate-espresso dry rub. She then tucks them in for an eight hour snooze inside the La Caja China {“Chinese box” in Spanish, these roasting boxes were first used by clever Chinese rail workers in Cuba}. Introducing pecan wood smoke adds an incredible southern-inspired complexity to the pork.

Northern Fork is proud to use 90+lb pasture-raised Hampshire cross bred pigs. Recognized as the leanest of the North American breeds, our experience shows they have the ideal meat/fat ratio. The right amount of fat yields juicy, tender pork…while thicker pieces of meat better hold onto the marinade injections. The end result is a perfect balance of texture and flavor. “Pasture raising pigs on greens, herbs, and legumes leads to a savory roasted pig and NF feels good about using responsibly, sustainably raised animals that have led a humane life” Chef Katie explains.

Pig roast Pig NF

If you decide to have a pig roast, be prepared to wow your guests. Bringing the entire pig to you, our favorite way to serve this heavenly hog is by carving directly onto the plate. Consider the popular Northern Fork build-your-own Taco Bar which includes locally made corn and flour tortillas and a table full of seemingly endless toppings such as tasty elote salad, fresh salsas, bright vinegar slaw, and of course cilantro and limes. And with set-up and clean-up included, you can enjoy yourself just as much as your guests.

Pig Roast Taco

Another show-stopping accompaniment to the Northern Fork pig roast is our low country shrimp boil. What’s better than a fun interactive food station? Why, it’s TWO fun interactive food stations! We use big daddy shrimps, spicy andouille sausage, baby red potatoes, and fresh corn. Charred peppers and onions, along with a great big tequila-lime bath, set the whole thing off. It’s a fresh, bright take on a traditional boil and pairs perfectly with cornbread.


Last month, Northern Fork hosted a rooftop pig roast at the V Collective Penthouse in the West Loop. Guests sampled signature passed appetizers and enjoyed plentiful spreads on our main and dessert grazing tables, all while watching the sunset from cozy open-air cabanas. Our pig roast station featured all the fixin’s for build-your-own nachos and more.  No one was left behind…pork lovers, vegetarians, vegans, those who eat a gluten free diet. The beauty of this style of dining is that it puts each individual in control of their plate…making the meal as interactive and uniquely personalized as possible.


Northern Fork would like to acknowledge the full cast that made our most recent rooftop pig roast a huge success. A big thank you to:

*V.Collective Penthouse for providing the rooftop {venue}

*Flowers for Dreams for providing stunning stems and beautiful bouquets {floral}

*Bethany Kelley Photography for shooting the day {photo}

*Life Made Still for shooting the day {video}

*Tablescapes for their reliable rentals {rentals}

*MK  Lighting Studios for expert lighting {lighting}

*Jake Lorenz DJ Services for mood music {music}

And of course a shout-out to Executive Chef Katie Boyd and her team for the unparalleled eats and Garrett Henderson {desserts} and Sergio Estrada {grazing table} for their delectable additions.

Call or write and tell us how you’ll be celebrating this summer…and we’ll help you make it shine. Start by perusing our menu.


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