10 Homemade Food Gifts Perfect for the Holidays

10 Homemade Food Gifts Perfect for the Holidays

Best Edible Gifts to Impress your Family & Friends


Bethany Rae, December 3 , 2019


What’s better than combining the joy of gift-giving with the comfort of something delicious? An answer escaped us; So we assembled a list of our favorite homemade foodie gifts for this holiday season. Put on a festive apron and prepare to surprise your friends and family with these charming ideas and uncomplicated recipes.


Chili Pecans from Midwest Living.

Mix up a big batch of ML’s spicy and sweet pecans, then divide into wax-lined boxes or screw-top jars. They’ll stay fresh in an airtight container for two weeks or freeze up to four.

Get fancy: Pair with creamy, fruity cheeses.

Get super fancy: Include a beautiful bowl for serving.


BBQ Kit from Country Living.

CL offers recipes for homemade ketchup and bbq spice rub- the perfect gift for a self-proclaimed Grillmaster.

Get fancy: Pair with a handsome cutting board or grilling tools.

Get super fancy: Include a few months of high quality meat delivery.


“Christmas Jam” from Rustic Elk.

According to RE, Danielle’s Christmas Jam is the perfect blend of sweet and tart, with the pleasing addition of seasonal spices.

Get fancy: Pair with a crusty loaf of fresh-made bread.

Get super fancy: Make the bread yourself.

Dog treat

Dog Treats from Olive Magazine.

Looking for a gift for someone with furry friends? Why not make these easy dog treats from OM. They’ll stay fresh for up to two weeks…if they last that long.

Get fancy: Pair with an adorable cookie jar. Or order already made treats from Wufers.

Get super fancy: Include a gift certificate for a puppy spa or doggy daycare.


Herbed Crackers from Food Network.

These nutty, herby crackers from FN are surprisingly easy to make- and take less than 40 minutes from start to finish.

Get fancy: Pair with ingredients for a full charcuterie board.

Get super fancy: Include an elegant bottle of wine.


Goat’s Milk Caramel from Serious Eats.

This recipe for Cajeta takes the lengthy process of making Mexican “caramel” down to an hour in the kitchen. Bonus- the sauce will keep in the refrigerator for up to three months.

Get fancy: Pair with a basket of fruits for dipping.

Get super fancy: Include a bundle of sweets from a wonderful Mexican bakery.


Granola from House of Nash Eats.

There are thousands of delicious homemade granola recipes for all tastes and preferences out there; This one from HoNe is wonderfully simple. Jars are beautiful for gifting but also consider a pack of silicone food storage baggies- which the recipient will love.

Get fancy: Pair with local honey.

Get super fancy: Include a high-end yogurt maker.


Cookie Butters from Handle the Heat.

HtH walks readers through totally customizable cookie butter recipes, including an instructional video. Choose creamy or crunchy; Pick any cookie; The possibilities are endless!

Get fancy: Pair with salty pretzel sticks for scooping.

Get super fancy: Include a subscription for fresh milk delivery.


Vanilla Extract from Sally’s Baking Addiction.

Making your own extracts is easier than you think. SBA lists her recipe for making classic vanilla- an important ingredient in a majority of holiday goodies. Prepare a large batch and divide into giftable bottles.

Get fancy: Pair with the dry mix for your favorite treat.

Get super fancy: Include a professional bakeware kit.


Cocktail Syrups from Martha Stewart.

Take holiday cocktails up a notch with these flavorful cocktail syrups. MS says they can even be added to seltzer for a nonalcoholic sipper. It’s the perfect host/hostess gift.
Get fancy: Pair with a bougie bottle of booze.

Get super fancy: Include some beautiful barware.


Don’t have time to make a foodie gift from scratch? Northern Fork is happy to pick up the slack in the kitchen- it’s what we do! Be the holiday party hero when you show up with a few trays of NF desserts. Or have us bring lunch for the whole office. Visit our website and let our team help you spread some delicious holiday cheer!



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