Top Five 2019 Fall Food Trends

Top Five 2019 Fall Food Trends


Bethany Rae, August 27, 2019


We have some sad news…Summer is coming to a close.

But we also have some great news…Fall is on the horizon!

And with Autumn around the bend, 2019’s Food Trends are full steam ahead.

So put down the pumpkin spice and let’s take a look at the current culinary crazes that will be going strong in the upcoming season.


High Tech Shopping

Go to the grocery store? Swing by a drive-thru? Pick-up carry-out? That’s so 2018. Recent times have offered endless ways to get food from point A to your door and the technology of convenience doesn’t end there. Women’s Health is getting excited about apps like OptUp by Kroger (which helps consumers track and rate their spree’s “nutritional score”) while companies like Instacart allow you to have groceries delivered same-day to your front step. Nowadays an increasing majority of large supermarkets offer online shopping with curbside pickup and, if you absolutely refuse to get out of your pajamas, nearly any greasy burger or frothy frappé can arrive via services like Grubhub or DoorDash. The future is now.


Eco-Conscious Food Packaging 

More food, less strain on the environment. That’s this year’s hope anyway. Food and Wine mentions eco-conscious packaging as a top 2019 food trend, referencing this list by Whole Foods. Every day, more companies are taking strides to create biodegradable food wrappers for everyday items and consumers are taking advantage of food storage options like beeswax wraps and silicone baggies. This year, we’ve seen restaurants not only ban straws but offer alternatives such as stainless steel or “pasta” straws. The idea is simple: focus on sustainable, renewable, compostable materials. Here at Northern Fork, we’re proud to supply bamboo plates and cutlery! Bamboo is highly renewable and has endless natural benefits. This interesting article by Household Wonders breaks down some important bamboo facts and even links to items to get your home and family following suit.


Oat Milk

Forbes lists oat milk as a monumental 2019 beverage contender and this article from Shape explains why. What started as an option for those complying with a dairy-free diet, nut milk hit the ground running {ask Northern Fork about using almond milk in their overnight oats!}. Oat milk, however, is an exciting addition to grocery store shelves because the process (which involves soaking and blending oats as well as straining the liquid) results in a creamy milk-like texture, while retaining a portion of the oats’ natural protein and fiber. Oat milk appeals to those with nut allergies (for obvious reasons) and anyone tightening their budget (it’s cheaper to make and buy); But be sure to read labels for milk made with certified gluten free oats if you suffer from gluten sensitivity or Celiac disease. Considering current popularity, you’re not going to stop seeing oat milk on trendy coffeehouse chalkboards anytime soon.


Veggies. Big time.

Head over to Delish to jump on the veg train (complete with recipes). The popular site explains that veggies, once relegated to a token side dish, can be found as an exciting main on a lot of 2019 menus. Plant-based diets are at the forefront right now and, with a plethora of vegetable-forward chefs, farm-to-table restaurants, and home garden popularity, folks are happy to dig in. Just recently, Nation’s Restaurant News took a look at the rise of beets in modern cuisine, showcasing their unique versatility. At Northern Fork, we understand why roasted root veggies are all the rage and we love to offer them as one of our popular sides (or as a perfect main dish for those who are in the know).


Meat/Protein Replacements

It turns out 2019 is a good year to be vegetarian/vegan. With soy-heavy options sliding to the backseat, plant proteins have taken the wheel. Publications like reported that 64% of surveyed chefs said plant-based sausages and burgers were going to be this year’s big food trend. Advancements have led to products with a more meat-like flavor and texture than ever before and snacking has become easier, too, with options such as mushroom jerky. This informative article over at Eat This, Not That takes an in-depth look at the benefits of plant proteins…including a boosted immune system and overall gut health. The folks at The Daily Meal said 2019 would trend towards healthy swaps in our favorite comfort foods and we’re definitely here for that. Butternut Squash Ravioli returns to our menu October 1st.

Northern Fork’s Autumn menu will be available October 1, 2019.


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