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Bethany Rae, April 16, 2019


Preparing food with seasonal mindfulness is more than just trendy practice. Choosing produce that is “in season” means choosing ingredients that are going to contribute their truest flavor and maximum nutritional benefits. Fruits and vegetables that are offered out of season are either genetically modified (yuck, no thanks!) or imported from other countries (hello, carbon footprint). Even from a budgetary standpoint, using crops when they’re most bountiful ensures the lowest price tag.


Another way to play with peak produce is to enroll in a local CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) program. CSAs are an alternative socioeconomic model- cutting out the grocery store middleman and providing foodstuffs directly to consumers. This arrangement guarantees maximal cash in the hands of the growers and the quickest route from farm to table. You’re essentially subscribing to the harvest of a specific farm which often expands to eggs and dairy, meats and dried goods. Subscription frequency is usually weekly or bi-weekly and deliveries are typically available for pickup at your local farmers’ market.


Farmers’ Markets are another great way to shop for local produce, homemade pastries, and unique cheeses and jams. Here we’ve compiled a list of those currently running in Chicago, although we suggest you stay abreast of updates as things like weather and vendors can influence offerings and cancellations.




Maxwell Street Market

Desplaines Street and Taylor Street


year round


Bronzeville City Market

332 E 51st Street, at Boxville


July 7th– September 8th




Columbus Park City Market

500 S Central Ave


July 9th– September 3rd


City Market at Federal Plaza

50 W Adams Street


May 14th– October 29th




LaFollette Park City Market

1333 N Laramie Avenue


July 10th– September 4th


Pullman City Market

11100 S Cottage Grove Avenue


July 10th– October 30th


Roseland City Market

200 W 109th Street


August 28th– October 30th




City Market at Daley Plaza

50 W Washington Street


May 9th– October 24th (except July 4th)


Austin Town Hall City Market

5610 W Lake Street (new location)


July 11th– September 5th




Division Street City Market

30 W Division Street


May 11th– October 26th


Englewood City Market

1219 W 76th Street


July 13th-September 14th


Printers Row City Market

700 S Dearborn Street


June 15th– October 26th


Green City Market, a Chicago institution, offers a series of indoor and outdoor markets throughout the year. Their website is a wonderful resource for local food events, related blog posts, and seasonal recipes.


Here’s a handy little guide to what’s prime-for-the-pickin’ in the springtime, around the Midwest:

  • *April is ripe for rhubarb, a beautiful, colorful addition to pies and pastries.
  • *May is the month for fava beans, morels, and fennel…as well as greens (like spinach) and herbs (like parsley).
  • *May through September:  stock up on chard and arugula. Your salads will thank you.
  • *May through October: can’t beat beets.
  • *May through November: count on carrots.



Here at Northern Fork, we celebrate the seasons by rolling out delicious, inventive menus throughout the year; And our Spring 2019 menu is no exception.

Enjoy old favorites with a fresh twist. Flank Steak gets a cherry-balsamic facelift and is served with champagne green bean and potato salad.

Leave the grilling to us with an over-the-top Burger Bar, which offers traditional toppings like lettuce, tomato, onion…classic upgrades like bacon and aged cheddar…and leave-em-talking toppers like guacamole, fried onions, and house made garlic pickles. Enjoy a choice of brioche or pretzel buns as well as perfect basil-cream potato salad.

If your crew is craving salads, we’ve got you covered. Try the panko-crusted chicken and honey mustard Rotini Summer Salad which has corn cobettes and watermelon slices. Our Summer Spinach Salad is loaded with asparagus, heirloom tomatoes, corn, and a bright basil vinaigrette.

Or how about a BBQ Sandwich Bar? Your guests won’t be able to resist this classic seasonal spread that includes coleslaw.

And nothing says warm weather like Northern Fork’s Ice Cream Sundae Bar. Cool off with assorted ice cream and an array of compliments like homemade salted caramel and mocha fudge, toasted coconut, walnuts, whipped cream, sprinkles, and (of course) maraschino cherries.


While we’re thrilled to offer items our customers have grown to love, we’re passionate about including new additions. Our executive chef is excited to focus on bold flavors and cold service in the coming months. Expect to see new appetizer bites like tandoori chicken with tzatziki and antipasto skewers. Please a crowd with chilled filet, served alongside grilled summer vegetable and orzo salad. Need to rock a breakfast or brunch? Everyone loves breakfast burritos {chorizo, Lorraine style, even vegan} and our overnight oats are rich with house blueberry compote, chia, and crunchy granola. And for that persistent sweet tooth, be sure to ask what chef’s favorite flavors are being offered.

We invite you to check out our Spring Menu and see what all the buzz is about.


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