Celiac Awareness

Eating is how we take care of ourselves, plain and simple. If we didn’t have to be aware of what we were eating, then surely more than a few people out there would crush a bag of gummy bears a little more often.

All kidding aside, it’s not a joking matter how some foods affect our health, especially those with Celiac disease; a disease that has quite uncomfortable, possibly life-long impacts on a person’s digestive system if ignored or cast aside. At Northern Fork, we see it as an opportunity to expand on what we can offer and how we can help you impressively accommodate anyone’s palate.


Celiac disease is, in the simplest terms, is an aversion to gluten (wheat, barley and rye. The protein, featured in bread and other wheat-based(1) products including oats and spelt, isn’t absorbed well and because it is such an anomaly of a protein – it creates elasticity(2) and gives stuff like bread it’s “chewy” consistency – an inability to digest it is quite a problem.

Even a tiny amount of gluten in a breaded shrimp or a crouton can cause some serious discomfort. Symptoms range from acne to numbed extremities and almost always include digestive issues(3). As much as people may think it’s a fad to begin a gluten-free diet, Celiac disease isn’t going away anytime soon, with 1 out of 133 people being afflicted according to the University of Chicago(4).


Since there are quite a few foods out there that have gluten in them, whether you’re afflicted with Celiac or not, for some, the benefits of eating gluten-free foods begin with better digestion. For Celiacs, more vitamins are absorbed and because of this, simply put, you’ll have more energy because you’re retaining more nutrients.

There are some ancillary benefits as well, such as avoiding processed foods and having to lean more towards fresher products like fruits and vegetables.

That’s the thing, though: it’s a dietary restriction. To restrict someone’s choices just comes off as unfair.

You should be able to eat what you want without having to lose a night of sleep curled up in pain or running back and forth to the bathroom, but that takes some investigating, costly trial-and-error, a dictatorial pursuit and knowledge of ingredients and cooking methods…

And wouldn’t ya know it, we’ve gone and done all the work for you.


Accredited by the Beyond Celiac GREAT Kitchens organization, Northern Fork brings both variety and versatility to our gluten-free menu and we keep adding to it.

Our Celiac expert, Denise, who runs her own blog(5) focused on working in the food service industry while diagnosed with Celiac disease, had this to add – “As some living with Celiac, I commend Northern Fork’s commitment to staff training, education and awareness. Dining is a social activity, [and] whether it’s a corporate working lunch, social event or family celebration, Northern Fork is able to seamlessly include those who need to avoid gluten. Bravo!”

Here’s a portion of the options we have:


As you can see, we’ve even got dessert covered, and issues such as “cross-contact” are nullified. “As a chef, I am much more focused on effectively and efficiently meeting the requests of the customer,” said Katie, our Executive Chef. “I ensure that my cooks and our kitchen meet standards that don’t allow cross contact and leave it to my customers to balance their diets as they see fit.” So click the gluten-free button at the top of our menu and if you have any concerns, feel free to give us a call.

Click below to check-out our Tomatillo Chicken recipe video!

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