Break the Winter Blues: 3 Parties to Throw in February

– Kathleen Jenkins, February 7th, 2018

By this time of the year the holiday soirees have come to an end and New Years’ Resolutions are pretty much last season. January is the month to hibernate and by February we’ve all gone a bit stir crazy. Throwing a little gathering (with a fun theme, of course) is the perfect way to break the winter blues and look forward to six more weeks of winter or a glimpse of springtime in early March, fingers crossed!



The games are finally here! Figure skating, skiing, snow-boarding, luge and so many more events to feast your eyes on this winter. The winter olympics only come once every 4 years, so take this opportunity to have some fun!

What’s a party without some food, start with a couple themed stations. One of our favorites, Comcast Xfinity, is jumping on board with an American and Korean themed cuisine stations. Featuring Korean Meatballs, Chicken Potstickers, Coconut Shrimp Skewers, Peanut Butter Bacon Popcorn, Sliders, Mini Hot Dogs and Apple pie bites, to name a few.

Ask each guest to bring a few beers, a bottle of wine, or a fun cocktail to share with the group. Not only will this keep your cost down, but creates a “breaking of the bread” moment amongst new and old friends while we celebrate the world coming together.


I for one am not fan of cupid’s big day, blame it on my years of working in French restaurants. However, I am a believer in a fancy-pants midweek dinner party! Why not create a restaurant menu for the one(s) you love most. Open a good bottle of wine, have a seafood appetizer cook up a filet mignon, serve with green veggies and you have practically have a steakhouse dinner for a fraction of the price.

Beyond the romantic-dinner-for-two-at-home idea why not host your best girlfriends for a “Galentine’s Day” party complete with wine, lots of chocolate, and flower crowns. For more Galentine’s Day inspiration check out Lex and the City’s Galentine’s Day Planning Guide.


What comes the day before Valentine’s Day this year? Mardi Gras or Fat Tuesday for those who don’t speak French falls on Tuesday February 13th this year. What’s not to love about beads, New Orleans style food, and hurricane cocktails?! Mardi Gras always makes me think of New Orleans and without a flight booked at this point, I’ll have to settle for a homemade version next week. Seafood Gumbo is easy, hearty, and a delicious weeknight meal especially in this cold weather we’ve been having here in Chicago. To throw a little gathering this weekend stock up on beads, masks, and booze for this holiday.

Check out our recipe for a Hurricane Cocktail here:

February is a perfect time to gather with friends. Around a TV or even just a bottle of wine, cozy up for another six-weeks of snow and cold with a little gathering to celebrate life, friends, and maybe a silly holiday.