Wedding Secrets from the Experts


Weddings are stressful. Period. However, we’ve compiled a list of a few “out of the box” wedding secrets to make your day memorable, and as stress-free as possible! Northern Fork’s very own Bethany Kelley is one amazing wedding photographer, have you seen her work? Check it out here. Bethany and Kathleen, our Director of Sales & Events, have come up with a few tricks to have up your sleeve to make the big day run smoothly.


Snacks. Snacks. Snacks.

Let’s be real, nobody likes a hungry bridesmaid, or groomsmen for that matter. Providing a light breakfast and a few easy to eat snacks keeps everyone focused, nourished, and well, less crabby. At Northern Fork, we make sure to remind our happy couples in the early planning stages. We suggest muffins, breakfast sandwiches, cheese trays, mini sandwiches, and more. Just enough food to keep everyone going without the “Holy cow, I can’t fit in my dress!” feeling. 


Assign Jobs.

Family and friends always want to help but sometimes just end up in the way if they do not have an assigned task. Aunt Sally wants to help? Fantastic, now put her in charge or organize each “group” within your large family for photos. Do you have a ‘Type A’ bridesmaid? She’s is your schedule master. Trust that this person will go easy on the Prosecco and make sure the rest of the group is organized. 


Find a Coordinator.

The idea of hiring a wedding coordinator may be out of your budget but rest easy; a good friend/cousin/neighbor that can juggle a few tasks at a time is your person! The goal here is to have vendor phone numbers, arrival times, and floor plans in the hands of one trusty soul. Remember that this person will be a part of your big day, however, make sure their job first and foremost is to make this event run smoothly. We suggest a meeting two-weeks prior to the big day. Your coordinator can ask you about the details without having to bother you the day of. Make sure you take this person out for a big ‘thank-you’ dinner to say thanks! And if you do have the budget for a wedding coordinator, we have a favorite we can recommend.


Make time for each other.

The whole point of this day is to celebrate your commitment to this other person, right? With that in mind, Bethany suggests taking a few minutes to have newlywed photos taken. Once the family photos are finished and before your entrance into the reception it is the perfect time. Maybe sneak under a beautiful tree, or in a quiet corner, somewhere away from your guests to get a perfect shot of that “post nuptial glow.” 


All in all, you can’t control everything. Leave the professionals to do their jobs (trust us, they DO NOT want to mess up your big day either), trust a coordinator, and make sure to step back and smell the roses. This is your day; smile, take it all in, and remember the real reason everyone is dressed up and staring at you.


Kathleen Jenkins

Director of Sales & Events at Northern Fork Catering 

— June 22, 2017