4 Reasons Why Your Office Should Have an In-House Happy Hour

Joshua Scott — August 18, 2016

Looking for the best happy hour in the Loop?

Forget that. Just do it at the office!

No disrespect to Chicago’s many bars, but trying to find a place big enough, affordable enough, and fun enough for a whole office get-together can be more of a headache than the hangover you’ll have the next day. So rather than spending hours combing through Chicago’s happy hour specials trying to find that one place you’ll hope everyone likes, consider the many benefits of the in-house happy hour.


An office happy hour is a phenomenal way to let coworkers get to know each other. When nobody feels pressured to talk shop, jokes and conversation come naturally. Plus, by not going to a bar, you don’t have to worry about weird, drunk outsiders crowding in or employees and their significant others going off to canoodle in dark shadowy corners.

In other words, it’s quality coworker bonding time.

Even better, having a happy hour in-office gets everyone networking – even if they don’t realize it. According to Monster.com, employees should be internally networking in low-key and informal situations, but it can be hard finding excuses to interact with other departments. What’s the one thing that Marketing, IT, Sales, and Customer Support all have in common? Enjoying libations, of course! Shake up departmental cliques and get people meeting one another in a stress-free environment.


There’s a big psychological difference between drinking in a busy bar and drinking at the place you work. At the former, it’s easier to get carried away with the music and the dancing and the incessant cries of, “Shots! Shots! Shots-shots-shots!” When you’re drinking five feet away from your CEO, you’ll probably tend to hold back.

It doesn’t mean your in-house happy hour can’t be fun, but it’ll probably reduce the risk of employees binge drinking. That’s a good thing for work productivity, avoiding embarrassment, and everyone’s all-around health.


According to a study by teleconference firm PGI, 88% of Millennials want a fun and social work environment, and 89% believe work-life balance is key to happiness on the job. With more Millennials entering the workforce, employers are going to need to provide quality incentives in order to retain top talent.

Sure, an occasional happy hour isn’t the only thing you need to create a great work culture for your employees, but it’s an awesome addition. Giving employees an easy way to socialize and have fun is becoming more important than ever.


Paying for your whole Chicago office to have a happy hour in the Loop is a solid way to spend literally all of your money. Seriously, have you seen the prices of a cocktail in some of these places?

Hosting a happy hour in-house can be way more affordable, even if you have it catered. You can sip on elegant wine and local craft brews without breaking the bank, while throwing in some tasty appetizers to boot! Check out Northern Fork’s bar services to get an idea of what you can do with an in-house happy hour.