5 Instant Pot Recipes to Get You Through Until Spring

– Gabby Sanchez, February 21, 2018 These Chicago winters are never predictable. Is it cold? Is it snowing? Is it raining for days? Either way, you will probably find yourself still inside trying to figure out what’s for dinner. We talked with our office Chef, Shocara, this month and came up with a few recipes … Read More

Break the Winter Blues: 3 Parties to Throw in February

– Kathleen Jenkins, February 7th, 2018 By this time of the year the holiday soirees have come to an end and New Years’ Resolutions are pretty much last season. January is the month to hibernate and by February we’ve all gone a bit stir crazy. Throwing a little gathering (with a fun theme, of course) … Read More

Holiday Movie Night: Top 5 Holiday Movies and Dinner Pairings

– Kathleen Jenkins, December 12, 2017   This time of year, it’s almost impossible to flip on cable, Netflix, Hulu, etc. and not grapple with which Christmas movie is the right one to watch right now. For us here at Northern Fork, the holiday season is the busiest time of year. Curling up with a … Read More

Holiday Cookie Exchange

Throwing Your First Cookie Exchange

– Kathleen Jenkins, November 28, 2017 Yes indeed friends– it’s that time of year again! The time to run around looking for the perfect gift, the time to be double-booked, the time to bust out all things sparkly in the name of holiday spirit! It is certainly, the most wonderful time of year. There are … Read More


Friendsgiving: Stress Free Edition

Kathleen Jenkins – November 14 2017 I’m a firm believer that a little bit of time with your friends is quite simply food for the soul. Once or twice a year I attempt to get all my favorite people in one room. In the spirit of all things cliche; it’s magical. There is no better … Read More

Fall Wine Pairing

Travis Hawkes – October 24 2017 Pairing wines is an ability that, once learned on even the most basic of levels, can be one of the keys to having a social life that’s actually worth sharing on social media. You can throw better parties, give better gifts, go on better dates and most of all, … Read More

Meet The Events Team

Travis Hawkes – October 10 2017 I was in a “app-provided” cab cruising down Michigan Ave. one recent, sunny afternoon. When I say “cruising,” I mean inching along at a pace that’d make a turtle impatient. My driver, a Chicago native named Anne, was changing lanes while in an intersection while turning left onto one … Read More

Celiac Awareness

Eating is how we take care of ourselves, plain and simple. If we didn’t have to be aware of what we were eating, then surely more than a few people out there would crush a bag of gummy bears a little more often. All kidding aside, it’s not a joking matter how some foods affect … Read More

Summer Cocktails

5 Easy Summer Cocktails You Should Be Drinking

Looking for easy summer cocktails? We have your list right here. Take it from our in-house cocktail whisperer – Ellyn Cook! Ellyn has helped us find the perfect summer recipes to up your cocktail game. Get started on these refreshing takes on classic cocktails. Cucumber Gin   Ingredients 2 oz Gin 2 cucumber ribbons 1 … Read More

wedding secrets

Wedding Secrets from the Experts

  Weddings are stressful. Period. However, we’ve compiled a list of a few “out of the box” wedding secrets to make your day memorable, and as stress-free as possible! Northern Fork’s very own Bethany Kelley is one amazing wedding photographer, have you seen her work? Check it out here. Bethany and Kathleen, our Director of … Read More